V8 RickShaw

time 7:00 pm

February 16, 2018

V8 Rickshaw is a musical vehicle born from a need for expression that most modes of transportation do not allow.
A sleek power trio that chooses it’s unique paths based not on the roads well traveled, but on less worn scenic routes.
Equally adept at handling hairpin turns, navigating tricky obstacles, and mellow cruises with the top down, it can do anything.
Sean Bulow on guitar and vocals, Calvin Silcox on bass and vocals, and Rick Shoemaker on drums and vocals will take turns driving, riding, pushing, pulling, and narrating a unique adventure you are not likely to forget.
Covering diverse styles of music from Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Western Rock, New Rock, Kinda older Rock n Roll,
Hard Rock, Soft Rock, jazz, blues, alternative, country, western, Emo, Screamo, Dreamo, Afro Cuban steam punk, undeath metal,
ska, and childrens’ songs.
Heralded by Feline Fancy Magazine as: “raw, energetic power that ripped our faces off.”
Plaything Magazine states: “as much fun as you can have with clothes on.”
Puma Beat Publications says: “great sound, great look, terrific smell.”
Here are just some of the songs they perform:
Cheap Sunglasses- ZZ Top
These Boots- Nancy Sinatra
Roses are Free- Ween
War Pigs- Black Sabbath
Damn Blue Collared Tweakers- Primus
Good Times Bad Times- Led Zeppelin
V8 Rickshaw is a SERIOUS driving force of musical freedom that needs to be experienced.